Maid cafe (1st floor)

Maid cafe

Welcom back master and princess.
This is famous "maid cafe PINAFOA" at Akihabara, "OKAERIHAUSU branch".
Please experience Japanese culture "maid cafe" .

7:30-LO: 9:30 10:00 <breakfast>
17:00-LO: 23:00 23:30 <dinner time>
※ Alcohol is being sold.

Multiple communication area

Community area

You can use here as co-working area, private office and rental meeting room.
It is possible to reserve only by yourself.

There is also coffee delivery service by cute maid's concierge maid will support your work.
It's also enriched as an office of course. Additionally something necessary is equipped well with, so a copy machine and high-speed wifi.

When there are no reservations, it's being opened to our guest staying overnight, too.


Front desk (also has cafe)

Front desk

There is a maid cafe at the front desk.
Cute maids welcome and see you off.
If you have some problem, please come to front desk.
About sightseeig spot or anything else.
Welcome back, mr and princess.

business hours of the front desk.
7am until 23:30pm. You can check in after front desk close.

Living space on third floor (Third Floor Living Room)

Living space on third floor

There are useful kitchen and bar counter on the third floor and that is a perfect space for your party with enjoying foods and drinks with new friends in Tokyo.
Also it’s the space for you to relax on the couch when not party.

Shower room

Shower room

Shower room is available for 24hours.
It has lock for the safety and that makes you feel more safer.
Towel, shampoo, conditioner and body wash are free.
Take a nice shower at there.

Face washing room.


Face washing room 24 hours available.
Using the hair dryer which is a finest model at light space.
We are also preparing a face care set in a bottle. So even if you come empty-handed, it is no problem.

Laundry /Vending machine/Rest space

Laundry room

Laundry 24 hours available.
We have washing machines and dryer machine,
You do not worry about the weather.

Laundry /Vending machine/Rest space


We have a vending machine, a free tea section, a microwave,
a pot and cold water next to the laundry, so please have time leisurely.



We also equip the restroom established on each floor with a running water sound machine as well as the bidet function!
You can use a common restroom.

Locker on the 2nd floor.


We have free locker on the 2nd floor(Dormitory room)
Additionally please use a shoe box for an accessory case.
※ Please manage valuables by your responsibility.