The front business hours is from 16:00 to 23:30.
(On Sundays, to 21:00)
It'll be self check-in after the front business hours. I'll tell you a password of the day's front door security door, so you enter a room there.


Check out should be done by 10:00.
Late check-out is available at 1,000yen per hour.

Age Restriction/Children

Children age 17 and under can stay at only private room and must be with adult.


No pets allowed.

Period of stay

A stay period is unlimited.
When you extend your stay, please tell to the front desk.


Identification will be required to entire the hostel.


We can receive your package before you're arriving. When you send your package, please mention your name and date of check-in on the waybill. Incase there’s no mentioning guest name, we will refuse to receive the package.

Can female stay alone?

To stay only ladies is no problem.
We have private room and female exclusive dormitory room
We are waiting by a thoroughgoing security system.


Booking available on website.

Would it be able to stay without booking?

Only if there’s vacant room, we can offer it for you. Mostly fully booked so we recommend you to book in advance to avoid disappointment.

About Pinafore Okaeri House

What kind of place is a maid café?

Maids do their best to serve their Masters and Princesses. It's a place where you can enjoy tea and food while chatting with the maids. In maid cafés, customers are called “Masters” or “Princesses”.

Please let me know how to use.

When only a cafe use, please order at the front. After that I'll hand you a seat number card. When returning, you'll take out a card at the front, and you pay the bill.

Please tell me about the point card system.

The point card saved 1 point for 1 drink is issued in OKAERI HOUSE. When it's saved 20 points, 1 of CHEKI it becomes free. Please save much by all means♪.

Is it okay for girls to go?

Of course! Maid Cafe Pinafore is a cheerful café welcoming everyone regardless of gender and age.

Is there any children restrictions?

No. We are welcoming for princes and princesses. Many of family come to Maid Cafe Pinafore. Enjoy our popular kids menu for princes and princesses, Drawing Omurice(omelet over fried rice).
However stay at our hostel, children age 17 and under can stay at only private room and must be with adult.

Can the maid assigned to my seat always stick close to me?

The maids are giving their all so their Masters and Princesses get to relax. Because of that, they can't always stay by their Masters’ and Princesses' side, but please feel free to call them over.

Is it okay to take pictures inside the café?

Please refrain from taking photography of maids and recording by a recorder. But, the photography only of a dish is OK. Please be careful as a housemaid and other customers come out.
I'm guiding your husband visiting the hall for the first time the service which can take a picture with a housemaid for free of charge. Please contact a housemaid for more information.

How much budget should I expect?

1 drink is from 480yen, 1 dish is from 300yen.
It isn't charged, so please come any time."

Is there alcohol menu as well?

We also have alcohol. (480 yen-)
But, I'm declining minority's (less than 20 years old) drinking.

Can I smoke?

Inside of the maid cafe is not allowed to smoke.Please use public smoking area at Itabashi station.
Please do not hesitate to ask the maids about the location to smoke.

Can I have a receipt?

Yes. Please tell the maids to issue it.

Do you hold events every day?

An event is being held every season. The holding time is irregular, so please check formal Twitter.

Do you give any birthday surprises?

The maids here will celebrate your birthday! It’s only applicable from the day before to the day after your birthday, please bring something that can confirm your birthdate like a license, student ID, or insurance card.

Can I exchange handshakes with the maids?

Please refrain from handshakes and all other actions that involve touching, and enjoy fun conversations with the maids instead.

I want to give a present to the maid. Should I give it directly to her?

Please call out to the café's staff if you want to give our maids a present. In addition, please note that we do not accept food, drinks, perishables, living things, expensive products, and cash as presents.

Can you tell me about the Maids' work hours?

Maid's working conditions are being exhibited in a personal Twitter account of each housemaid.
Please ask a housemaid directly for more information."

Cancellation policy


A cancellation fee is as follows. Please check the contents.

It's canceled 1 day before: 20% of a room charge
On the day cancellation/80% of a room charge
No show without any contact will have 100% of a room charge.

Services and Facilities


There are no exclusive parking lots in OKAERIHAUSU. Please use coin parking.

Bicycle parking

The person coming by motorcycle and bicycle is number limitation, you can park your bike.
But, it's subject to the restrictions by which it's for the size, so please inquire beforehand.


No smoking on premises included bar, shared office and guest house.

※Please use public smoking area at Itabashi station.
Place: Itabashi station east exit smoking area.(north side)
Address:7-2 Takinogawa, Kita-ku, Tokyo


There is no curfew. Please do not disturb other guest (masters and mistress) by your voice or sounds you make. We are not responsible for any trouble that might occur between the guests.

Cloak room

You can leave your baggage at the front desk we are not responsible for any risk of loss or theft. You can leave the luggage after check-out as well. Please tell us before you’re leaving if you needed.


We have a towel, a body soap, shampoo, conditioner, face wash, make-up drop, skin lotion, milk lotion and a hair dryer.

Additionally preparing an amenity richly.
(Toothbrush, shaving, slippers, comb, ear plug, bath mat and outlet cable, etc.)
Please check this for details.
It's handed or rented at a front, so when being necessary, please offer a front in the front business hours.
When you'd contact beforehand, your husband checked outside the front business hours will prepare it in your room.

Wi-Fi Internet

We have wifi on each floor. We will let you know the password for using it at the front desk if you have your PC or other device. Please note that we do not have PC for rent .


We have lockers with key and lock.

Do you have guest laundry room at your hostel?

Yes, we have the washing machine in this hostel and it has to be paid for the service. Also we have clothes dryer in case you can’t dry them outside.

Do you serve meal?

There is Maid Cafe Pinafore, Okaeri house branch on the first floor. You can have breakfast as well if your booking includes breakfast or you can request it at the front desk.


Accepted credit cards

(Payment on arrival)
VISA,Mastercard,AMEX,JCB,Ciners Club,DISCOVER
(Payment on website)